Pasco County Nottingham

Infrastructure Campus

Hudson, Florida

Pasco County Nottingham Infrastructure Campus is located at an undeveloped 123 Acre site in the Hudson area of Pasco County. The site is bounded by Hudson Avenue on the Southside and Nottingham Trail on the West side which gives the facility its current designated name as the Nottingham Public Works Facility and Rock Lake is located on the eastern side of the property. The scope of the project was straightforward - the new campus will consolidate various public works, engineering and fleet management departments coming from existing sites and buildings located across Pasco County. The effort was really for two main buildings: an 87,502 GSF Infrastructure Office/ Warehouse Building and an 31,534 GSF Fleet Management Building and six support structure facilities located on site including the following: Public Works Pole Barn Building, Public Works Large Vehicle Wash Down Area, Public Works Decanting Area (to be determined), Fleet Management Fuel Station/Island, Fleet Management Carwash, Fleet Management Large Vehicle Wash Down Area. Parking for county vehicles is also a main driver for site development and includes 857 parking spaces. The anticipated opinion of probable construction cost is $80,986,746 and is a construction manager at risk construction delivery process.
Campus Wide Bird's Eye Perspective from South

Infrastructure Office Building East Entry

Infrastructure Office Building North Perspective

Fleet Management Building South Perspective

Fleet Management Building East Entrance