Pinellas County Judicial Building

St. Petersburg, Florida

The St. Petersburg Judicial Building is an existing 5-story facility which serves as the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court serving Pasco and Pinellas Counties. This building was Florida’s third largest trial court with 55 judges hearing cases daily. The building has remained occupied during construction and was completed in five phases.

The Judicial Complex needed a new 3,000 s.f. energy center to supply existing energy buildings and the future project. The energy center was constructed of pre-cast concrete wall panels with a modified bitumen roof and contains two new 345-ton chillers with space remaining to add a future unit.

Renovation and expansion of 13,000 s.f. of existing space on the first floor, including the lobby, and a 13,000 s.f. addition to the first floor, which consisted primarily of office and administrative space. To complete the project the entire complex was re-roofed and all existing exterior windows were replaced, and the concrete envelope was resealed on the 5-story building. The existing building was hurricane hardened.