Pinellas County North County

Service Center

Clearwater, Florida

The scope for the Pinellas County North County Service Center (NCSC) includes a new three (3) story, 79,492 GSF office building and government center which will replace the existing NCSC and associated parking located at 29582 U.S. 19 North, Clearwater, Florida. The existing 1-story NCSC is an 18,000 GSF building located at this site will be demolished. The three (3) end-users involved include the Pinellas County Tax Collector, the Pinellas County Property Appraiser, and the Pinellas County Clerk of Court. The first floor of the new office building is primarily customer service branch operations for the stakeholders. The upper floors are for administrative offices for the county constitutional officers, management, and call centers. Because of the current density of this existing 10.2-acre site, the office building and parking and operational requirements occupy 5 acres of the site and will require a 138,662 GSF three (3) level free standing precast concrete double tee parking garage of approximately 362 parking spaces to address the total parking needs of 384 parking spaces at this facility. Florida Department of Transportation received an easement on the property from the County to build a new pedestrian bridge across U.S. 19 which is a major arterial roadway. The bridge and abutment will have an impact on the visibility of the entrance and office building. The total NCSC anticipated opinion of probable construction cost is $49,428,313 and is a construction manager at risk construction delivery process.
Exterior South Perspective Parking Garage & Administrative Office Building

South Main Entrance to Administrative Office Building

Bird's Eye Perspective to South Main Entrance to Administrative Office Building

East Elevation of Administrative Office Building & Pedestrian Bridge Across U.S. 19

North West Perspective of Administrative Office Building