Pinellas County

Court House Garage & Annex

Clearwater, Florida

The Court House Garage renovations included demolition of terra cotta screen walls and replacement with anodized aluminum eggcrate enclosure and EIFS panels. The Court House Garage Stair Tower renovation included demolition of all brick veneer and replacement with new matching brick veneer. Interior work included demolition and replacement of the Court House Cafe. Mason Blau completed construction documents for a repair, which included cleaning and waterproofing of the adjacent Annex Building at this complex. Repair work included repairing and tuckpointing the brick and replacing limestone cap stones and parapets, and abatement of asbestos containing sealant. Work included resealing all windows and building joints. On the interior, Mason Blau also renovated the North Stair Tower and the entire 4th floor at the Annex Building.