City of Seminole

Fire Station #30

Seminole, Florida

The City of Seminole Fire Station #30 is a complete renovation remodeling project and includes a building hardening. In order to meet current code criteria for a fire station at this location, the hardening required the replacement of the roof and all assembly openings for windows and doors to achieve a windspeed of 155 mph with a 3 second gust. A new stucco finish was included as part of the exterior envelope hardening. The radio antenna at the roof was also replaced with a retractable antenna located on the site adjacent to the building. The scope included interior renovations at the Second Floor. Five individual bunk rooms, a fitness area, and two mechanical rooms were added to this floor. The existing gang toilets and shower were reconfigured for Men and Women toilets/shower facility. The First Floor renovations included administrative offices, dayroom, toilets, kitchen and a dining room.