MBA - Hurricane Hardening

Mason Blau

Hurricane Hardening

Hurricane readiness is always a top priority

Anyone living in Florida during the record hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005 knows first-hand how devastating hurricanes can be. In Florida, hurricane readiness is a key concern for any architect. But it becomes even more crucial in critical facilities where residents are expecting public entities to remain up and running smoothly in the confusing aftermath of a major storm.
For many clients, hurricane hardening is the best alternative to costly renovations and reconstruction should a hurricane strike. Hurricane hardening involves improvements to the building structure and openings such as hurricane impact-rated doors, windows with impact-resistant glass, reinforced roof and wall structures that meet or exceed high-velocity impact codes, independent emergency power systems, potable water storage, fuel stores, and other supplies and systems that will sustain those within the building for what could be days.
Planning for a storm in advance is often the most cost-effective way to avoid lengthy repairs and downtime later on, and is the best way to protect people, property and productivity. .